About Bandpass Filters

Bandpass filters, often implemented as dyes in electronic applications, serve as crucial components in various devices where the selection and manipulation of specific frequency ranges are necessary. These filters allow signals within a predetermined band of frequencies to pass through while attenuating or blocking frequencies outside of this range. In the context of electronic dyes, […]

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Epolin’s team exhibiting at Laser World of Photonics Booth B2.545

Discover new solutions at Epolin’s World of Photonics Booth B2.545 June 27-30, 2023 in Germany. Epolin’s products are designed to address various challenges in the photonics industry. By visiting our booth, you will come across new materials or technologies that can enhance your own projects or research. Epolin’s representatives will be on hand to provide […]

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Managing Near Infrared (NIR) Light Using  Visible Opaque Materials

Managing Near Infrared (NIR) Light Using Visible Opaque Materials

NIR illumination and detection electronics often incorporate a protective cover or lens that appears black or visibly opaque.  The black cover on the end of a TV remote or a dome around a night vision security camera are examples of visible opaque, NIR transmitting materials.  They obscure electronics and reduce heat from Solar’s visual spectrum while efficiently transmitting NIR portion of light.  They also expand design options and minimize the appearance of welds created by NIR lasers in part joining operations.

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