• 25 July 2023

Epolin Welcomes Konstantyn Ziabrev as R & D DirectorEpolin, the leader in the development and manufacture of near-infrared absorbing dyes and thermoplastic compounds, is pleased to announce that Konstantyn Ziabrev has joined the company as R & D Director.

Konstantyn Ziabrev is an experienced Organic Chemist with 20 years of international academic and industrial experience. He is skilled in advanced methods of synthetic organic chemistry, multistep chemical transformations, and modern analytical methods.

He was most recently with Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes, Scottsdale, Arizona where he developed, synthesized, and analyzed fluorescent dyes and click chemistry reagents for bioconjugation. He perfected chemical procedures and wrote standard procedures for the synthesis of compounds while performing custom synthesis of functionalized dyes.

Konstantyn earned his Ph. D in organic chemistry with a focus in dye technologies from Institute of Organic Chemistry National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine.

Michael Crosby, President, Epolin, said: “Konstantyn’s specialized NIR dye synthesis expertise will accelerate expansion of our dye portfolio to meet the expanding light management needs of our customers.”  Konstantyn, in conjunction with Epolin’s technical marketing group, will deliver the best dye solutions for light filtration within eye protection & electronic sensor applications. This addition will enhance development and synthesis capability to support Epolin’s robust growth trajectory.

About Epolin

For 30 years, Epolin has been the recognized pioneer and leader in the development and manufacture of near-infrared absorbing dyes and thermoplastic compounds. Our materials deliver premium performance in applications like laser and welding eyewear, security inks, light filters, display materials, and night vision products. We also continue to innovate around evolving applications.

Epolin is globally known for managing UV, visible and infrared light. Ready to mold pellet can be compounded from materials such as polycarbonate, acrylic, polyamide, cellulose propionate, polystyrene, PVC, TPU, COC, and polyurethane for use in injection molding, film extrusion, liquid casting, laminating, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and solvent-borne coating applications.

Please reach out to Epolin, a division of Chroma Color Corporation, to optimize a solution for your specific application.