• 10 May 2021

Epolin’s website has been upgraded with new content that is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.  Improved navigation facilitates product search by supply form or application area.  You can also access spectral curves and other technical product information or utilize the handy absorbance to transmittance converter tool.

Epolin continues to expand user tools including articles on trending industry topics, new product offerings, technical tips, upcoming trade shows and company news.

We welcome you to visit the new website at: https://epolin.com/


About Epolin

For 30 years, Epolin has been the recognized pioneer and leader in the development and manufacture of near-infrared absorbing dyes and thermoplastic compounds. Our materials deliver premium performance in applications like laser and welding eyewear, security inks, light filters, display materials and night vision products. We also continue to innovate around the evolving applications such as autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, and viral testing.


Epolin is known for managing UV, visible and infrared and sells dyes and compounded polymers into more than 50 countries.  Ready to use compounded pellet is available in a range of thermoplastic and thermoset polymeric materials including polycarbonate, acrylic, polyamide, cellulose propionate, polystyrene, PCV, COC and polyurethane for use in injection molding, film extrusion, liquid casting, laminating, pressure sensitive adhesives and solvent borne coating applications.


Please reach out to our Research and Development Team (RDT) to find an optimal solution for your demanding application.