• 11 July 2023

Epolin's new R & D Lab extruder

Epolin, a leader in the production of UV, Visible, and NIR absorbing dyes, has added a compounding extruder to expand research and development efforts.
Epolin has improved speed to market and supply chain efficiency with the development of Luminate™ products.  Luminate™ products are ready to mold thermoplastic pellets that are formulated with Epolight® dyes compounded into resin. With this solution the customer and/or molder does not have to deal with managing dye powders or diluting master batch and can focus on molding the product.

The new extruder also incorporates new technologies and monitoring allowing Epolin to explore adding new dye chemistries into both existing and new polymer solutions.

To enquire about Epolin’s Luminate™ ready to mold thermoplastic pellet, contact us.