Epolight™ Visible Opaque dyes for thermoplastic compounding

These products are known as near infrared cut-on filters or long wavelength band-pass filters.  They are designed to block UV and visible light while transmitting NIR light.

Epolin offers Epolight™ dye powders for addition to thermoplastic resins and also manufactures ready-to-mold Luminate™ compounds for your unique Visible Opaque application.

These applications include remote control systems, IR ports, proximity sensors, LIDAR, touch screens, machine vision and digital electronic devices.   

dye powder
ready to mold pellet
blocks, nmWavelength
50% T, nm
80% T, nm
Visible color
Epolight 7778Luminate 7778200-650>690>720deep purple
Epolight 7276BLuminate 7276B200-740>774>795black
Epolight 7276ALuminate 7276A200-805>847>875black
Epolight 7276CLuminate 7276C200-850>880>912black
Epolight 7276FLuminate 7276F200-860>912>980black
Epolight 7276ELuminate 7276E200-935>1000>1050black
Epolight 7856Luminate 785614% VLT>770>770gray

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