Epolight™ Visible Opaque dyes for solvent based systems

Solvent based systems

These products are known as near infrared cut-on filters or long wavelength band-pass filters.  They are designed to block UV and visible light while transmitting NIR light.

Epolight™ Visible Opaque dye powders are designed for addition to solvent systems such as screen inks.

dye powder
blocks, nmWavelength
50% T, nm
70% T, nm
Epolight 7527A200-675>725>835
Epolight 7527B200-695>750>850
Epolight 7527C200-835>860>900
Epolight 7527D200-875>910>950
Epolight 7527E200-920>950>985
Epolight 7527F200-975>1010>1035
Epolight 7527G200-1065>1155>1185

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